Day two in Singapore. I landed right after lunch yesterday and got picked up by my friend Huie. After a tour around the city I got checked in to my hotel, a small but clean place not too far from the centre. Then we were off to start what this journey is really all about… (well, part of it anyway) Food! Singapore has lots of it and with a mix of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and other south Asian communities there’s plenty to try out =) In the evening we went out but there weren’t much people around so around midnight we called quits on it and headed home.

Being really jet lagged I slept quite long this morning and then joined Huie for a late breakfast: Katong Laksa, a local speciality of coconut soup and noodles. Very nice!

Now I’m at Orchard Road, the main shopping street in Singapore. Luckily it’s free to roam around since I probably can’t afford a single item here. Except my Starbucks coffee that is ;)


All the butterflies are gone and routine has set in. Arriving at the airport, baggage drop, safety check, tax free, boarding hall. There’s something soothing and familiar over the whole thing. I’m on autopilot and can finally relax. Next stop: Doha, then transfer to Singapore.

Last night at home

So my bags are packed, I’m almost done with my todo list, I have booked hotels/hostels for Singapore, Japan and China (but not Malaysia. Was supposed to do it today but…). I don’t think I’ve been as prepared as I am this time ever before. Soon time for bed and hopefully some z:s. To all my friends: I’ll miss you!




PS: this blog will now be in English from here on. My youngest brother may or may not correct any spelling mistakes.

Första fria dagen

Så idag var min första dag sedan jag slutade på Softhouse i fredags och… tja, lite antiklimax. Fredagen var riktigt schyst, speciellt eftersom det blev både morgonfika med kollegorna, eftermiddagsfika med folket på SEMC och kvällsöl med lite mer vänner och kollegor. Dessutom delade jag ut ekorrar till de jag arbetat med för att hjälpa dem med fokus och mötesdiciplin vilket uppskattades hjärtligt ;)


En styck squirrel (för er som inte sett filmen Up, kolla här Typ så våra möten går till).


Idag var som sagt lite väl seg dock. Suttit och arbetat med min portfolio hela dagen  och är äntligen klar med version 1.0. Vet inte om jag kommer lägga upp allt men här är i alla fall fram och baksidorna på den.



Nio dagar kvar till avfärd… börjar bli liiite nervös.

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