Follow your passion

I used to set up humongous imaginary excel sheets for almost every decision. It not only kept me from going forward but was also a large energy drain. In a discussion lately a friend suddenly said “sometimes maybe it’s better just to follow your heart and not think so much!”. So I did! Sometimes we know what we want but trying to take the “safe” and logic route just keeps us back. Challenge your comfort zone and follow your passion, you already know what you want!

Feedback is a great gift!

Yesterday I sent out some feedback to a person I have just completed a coaching assignment with. I was honest, spoke from the heart and wrote quite a lot. Clicking on send I could not help but wonder if I had been to extensive and perhaps the receiver would be overwhelmed. Today I got the response. She loved it! Like always when someone requests feedback and you speak true she thanked me for the gift and returned some feedback to me. This makes me smile. Such a simple thing and it’s even free! The only problem? Feedback is addictive! ;)

Stay authentic, stay true

At a recent dinner with a close friend we both shared some of our personal fears and secrets. By opening up and being vulnerable we were able to support each other. It felt amazing to connect yet again with someone on a deeper level and just reminds me of how important it is to stay true and authentic to yourself. Most of us have layers of masks he hide behind but until we allow yourselves to peek out and be vulnerable we will never really get to know anyone. It’s a risk but the reward is so much worth it!

It’s not your responsibility!

A friend of mine recently reiterated this valuable advice and this time it finally sank in. After having (trying to) take responsibility for my parents careers and my brothers studies I finally realized the absurdity in it all and decided to let go! I immediately felt so much more energized and can now support them when they ask for help instead of serving them my solutions. Thanks Tom!