orgOrganizational Development

Change is hard. Most people don’t like it and it takes time and energy. Speaking about time, when did you have time to change your focus from short term issues and think about the company strategy?

I help organizations change. I can help you analyse your work processes and identify bottlenecks. Meeting structures, communication strategies and project planning is all part of the plan. We work in short iterations where you get deliveries every other week and can reprioritize at any time. The strategy we set up will be focusing on value, goals and creating self improving culture.

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coachingTeam & Personal Coaching

I can support you and your teams by coaching. Together we identify challenges and goals and then create plans to overcome them. We work on personal leadership on the individual level and facilitate group reflections to create more self-organizing teams.

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groupVisualization & Group Dynamics

To make any change happen you need motivated people understands where you want to go and who share the same goal. Whether it is a development project or an organizational change you want group dynamics will come into play. I can help you build trust, resolve conflicts and reach your goals; and I can teach your team to do the same. Using visual tools to support efficient communication and help people make informed decision your processes will run more effective.

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