Stories worth telling from previous assignments.






Increased throughput by 400% – Telia Broadband Denmark, Copenhagen


Telia is the worlds fifth largest international telecom group. In 2010 Telia Broadband Denmark launched a change initiative called “A New Way of Working”. As part of this push I worked with the IT department to fulfill three goals.

  • Telia Broadband shall work end-2-end
  • IT shall improve on delivered value/month
  • IT shall improve on delivered quality

Using Lean and Agile methodologies, visual project management techniques and broadening the scope to reach outside IT, ten months after the initiative started, Telia had achieved all three goals and more.


  • Measured results
  • End-2-End workflow from requirement (Product Office) to delivery (operations).
  • 4x improvement in throughput.
  • Increased on time delivery and incread quality.

Other improvements

  • Higher work satisfaction with more motivated personell.
  • Better cross departmental co-operation and communication with a higher degree of self-organisation.
  • The IT department went from black sheep to being a role model for other departments in Denmark and Sweden.

Visual project management

Value stream visualized

Building trust in 4 days – Pro bono at Glokala Folkhögskolan, Malmö


Glokala Folkhögskolan in Malmö wanted to start the new semester for two of their classes with strengthening the groups and build trust and confidence. To answer their call I and a facilitator colleague ran a series of experiential workshops designed to create a safe environment and improve the we feel. Through facilitation, discussions and exercises the participants learned more about each other, practiced personal leadership and increased their trust in the group. We also wanted to address their future and helped them to start creating a plan for what is next.


  • Increased trust and openness in groups.
  • Increased level of mutual respect and interaction inside as well as outside of the classrooms.
  • Very positive feedback from participants and teachers who for the first time interacted in this kind of way.

Workshop wall

Workshop wall of wonder after day 3

Dreaming up a new campaign – TBWATequila Digital, Shanghai


As part of a new push for a client TBWA wanted to create a new marketing campaign including many types of media. I organized a half day ideation workshop using innovation games to come up with three new concepts. Using games and tools such as Story Cubes to help people be creative the group pushed further and thought outside the box.


  • Three new campaign concepts.

Workshop photos

Story cubes used during brainstorm sessions

Storytelling & Infographics – Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Lund


Sony Ericsson wanted help with implementing Agile work practices at the Software Environment department in Lund. Some teams had already tried and given up so some resistance existed. Knowing that visualizing information is a strong tool in getting your meesage across I used a lot of visual meetings and storytelling to get people onboard and secure buy in.

The department also wanted help with marketing their services internally and increase the awareness of their offerings. I created a huge 3×1 meter infographic which we hung outside the department office space. The target audience was developers and C level managers.


  • Agile implementation – People became interested, ran with the idea and agreed to try. Once they experienced positive effects word spread and more teams initiated their own Scrum and Kanban implementations.
  • Marketing – The large canvas drew attention and made people stop by. Other IT managers started asking for copies since it helped them explain how they contributed to the figures.


Final infographic

Final infographic

Presentation design – ONKYO, Osaka


ONKYO wanted help with telling the story of change. A new strategy for 2013 had been developed and it had to be explained to international partners. I worked on presentation material to create a clear message. I also developed internal work material such as posters to be used as part of a new goal oriented process.

Presentation deck

Slide deck

Slide example 1

Slide deck

Slide example 2

Project report material

Thematic Goals poster

Project report design